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Mooncourt Ballin' Challenge:

    Join the action-packed Fortnite event on our 'Mooncourt Ballin' island and seize the chance to score amazing prizes! Here's how you can participate:

    1. Play 'Mooncourt Ballin': From Friday at 6 PM (CET) to Sunday at midnight (CET), immerse yourself in the 'Mooncourt Ballin'' experience on our Fortnite island.

    2. Show off your Skills: Achieve your best high score during the event and capture the moment. Post it on Twitter or Instagram, making sure to tag us @Mooncourt so we can see your achievements.

    3. Claim Your Reward: Stand a chance to win incredible prizes!

    1st Place: Michael Myers Skin & 2,800 V Bucks

    2nd Place: 5,000 V Bucks

    3rd Place: 2,800 V Bucks


    It's time to prove your Fortnite skills, compete with the community, and take home fantastic rewards. Join us for 'Mooncourt Ballin' and get ready to showcase your gaming prowess! #MooncourtBallinChallenge #Mooncourt


    The exclusive Mooncourt gaming experience is LIVE in Fortnite!

    The wait is over and the lunar court is now open to all Fortnite enthusiasts, regardless of the gaming platform you're on.

    Whether you're gaming on PC, console, mobile, or even the latest generation of consoles, Mooncourt invites you to experience basketball on the moon like never before.

    Step onto the Mooncourt: Dive into a fully immersive, interstellar gaming experience where the Mooncourt takes center stage.

    You're not just playing Fortnite; you're shooting hoops on the moon itself.


    Mooncourt Booster Pack

    Experience the captivating world of Mooncourt with our Booster Pack. Each Booster Pack serves as your key to this thrilling universe, delivering three unique Ballers ready to take to the court. These Ballers, your new digital companions, represent the intertwining of basketball and sneaker culture that defines Mooncourt.

    Each Booster Pack is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that you can open within our app. Unleashing the Ballers within, you'll find a range of distinct characters reflecting a diverse set of styles and abilities. Their training earns you Moonpoints, which can be redeemed in the store for a variety of benefits. The Booster Pack is more than just a digital asset - it's your starter kit to a thrilling Web3 journey. Explore the collection and get ready to elevate your game.

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    Mooncourt Ballers

    Welcome to the world of Ballers, the stars that illuminate the Mooncourt universe.

    Each Baller is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), combining the electrifying world of digital art, basketball passion, and sneaker culture. Far from being just digital collectibles, Ballers are your game-makers, earning Moonpoints as they train on the court.

    Ballers come in various classes with unique sets of characteristics, mirroring the vibrancy and diversity of basketball players. The common classes include shooters, whirlwinds, and tanks, each with their unique traits. Uncommon classes feature wizzards and dunk(n)masters, offering a dash of the unexpected. Then we have the rare rogues, the epic chameleons, and the legendary captains, each class carrying their unique significance and rarity within the Mooncourt universe.

    As you navigate through the Mooncourt universe, your Ballers train, earning Moonpoints that can be redeemed for exclusive benefits. They're not just your team, they're your companions in this Web3 adventure. Explore the collection and discover the endless possibilities they offer.

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Introducing Mooncourt Ballers: Your Key to an Exclusive Web3 Reward Program

Step onto the digital court with Mooncourt Ballers, the ultimate collection of NFTs that grants you access to an exclusive web3 reward program. Inspired by the dynamic world of anime, streetwear fashion, and the electrifying culture of basketball, Mooncourt Ballers fuse artistry, style, and cutting-edge technology to offer a truly immersive experience.

Each Mooncourt Baller is a unique masterpiece, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of anime heroes and the bold aesthetics of streetwear. Whether you're a die-hard basketball fan or a connoisseur of artistic expression, these NFTs will ignite your passion and unlock a world of exclusive benefits.

As a proud owner of a Mooncourt Baller, you'll gain privileged access to a web3 reward program designed to reward your dedication. Experience a range of exciting perks, such as exclusive merchandise drops, early access to future collections, VIP event invitations, and much more. Immerse yourself in the vibrant community of Mooncourt enthusiasts and be part of a movement that celebrates the convergence of anime, fashion, and basketball.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this groundbreaking collection. Join the Mooncourt revolution today by securing your very own Mooncourt Baller NFT. Each purchase not only grants you unparalleled access to the reward program but also supports emerging artists and fuels the growth of the NFT ecosystem.

Step up your game and make your mark in the digital realm. Claim your Mooncourt Baller now and unlock a world of limitless possibilities.

Act fast! Limited quantities available. Get your Mooncourt Baller NFT today and secure your place in the future of Web3.