We are the natural progression of KICKZ, the iconic European basketball & sneaker retailer born in 1993 and strategic partner of triple-A brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance and so many more. KICKZ m3ta was brought to life with the vision to fully disrupt traditional retail and be the first multi-metaverse retail tastemaker ranging from digital goods over to gamified CRM programs to an entire gaming ecosystem providing unparalleled experiences to our community. Leveraging over 900k customers and 1M+ social media followers, we’re crafting unique Web3 consumer experiences, aspiring to be a leading metaverse brand that co-creates the future with our community. With those who live and breathe the same values as we do, who love to think big and who walk the talk.

Draft your style

    Mooncourt Booster Pack

    Draft your dream team with the Mooncourt booster pack, your entry to a universe where basketball meets sneaker culture. Each pack is a NFT which contains three Ballers, digital allies with unique styles and skills, ready for action. Their training earns you Moonpoints, which can be redeemed in the store for a variety of benefits. The booster pack is more than just a digital asset - it's your starter kit to a thrilling Web3 journey. Explore our How-To guide to find out how to get your very own booster pack.

    How to start

    Mooncourt Ballers

    The Ballers are the stars that illuminate the Mooncourt universe. Each Baller is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), combining the electrifying world of digital art, basketball passion, and sneaker culture. Far from being just digital collectibles, Ballers are your game-makers, earning Moonpoints as they train on the court.Ballers come in various classes with different rarities and unique sets of characteristics, mirroring the vibrancy and diversity of basketball players.

    The common classes include shooters, whirlwinds, and tanks, each with unique traits. Uncommon classes feature wizzards and dunk(n)masters, offering a dash of the unexpected. Then we have the rare rogues, the epic chameleons, and the legendary captains, each class carrying their unique significance and rarity within the Mooncourt universe.

    As you navigate through the Mooncourt universe, your Ballers train, earning Moonpoints that can be redeemed for exclusive benefits. They're not just your team, they're your companions in this Web3 adventure. Explore the collection on OpenSea and discover the endless possibilities they offer.

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    Dive into the heart of basketball culture on KICKZ's official Discord server, where the passion for the game meets the community spirit. This vibrant platform is more than just a chat space—it's a dynamic gathering place for sneaker aficionados, basketball fans, and everyone in between. Whether you're looking to stay on top of the latest drops, expand your sneaker nerd knowledge, or simply enjoy some light-hearted fun, our Discord is where you'll find your tribe. In case you want to be introduced to the Mooncourt ecosystem by like-minded people, our mods in the Discord channel are also more than happy to help.

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